Oyster Cosmetics SpA

Oyster Cosmetics SpA has been producing hair cosmetics for more than 25 years. The company developed skilfulness and experience in the production of high quality hair dyes, a complete and excellent range from colour to styling, from finishing to hair care: Oyster Professional.

Oyster Professional means completeness and evolution: the research carried out by the laboratories inside the company’s premises, ruled by periodic market surveys, allows a constant innovation for the development of new products in line with consumption trends. A methodical quality control, from raw materials to finished product, the timeliness of logistic service complete the offers of a company that, for its high quality standards concerning formulation and production, conquered the high fidelity of its customers.

Recently, the Company has also fulfilled an important expansion of its scope by developing the skin care Department: a full range of products for a stimulating challenge that our Company is strongly facing through huge productive investments and a continuously evolving know-how.

The company in numbers:

65 thousand m2 area; 10 thousand pallet spaces warehouses; its production capacity amounts to 200 million
pieces per year; fifteen production lines and packaging; 4 internal laboratories (R&D, chemical lab, microbiologic lab and quality control lab); Internal show room and Academy for technical tests.

West Garda Academy  


West Garda Academy is the structure Oyster Cosmetics has dedicated to Professional training. A space conceived as a real Academy, a training place, necessary to offer not only the best product, but also the essential culture for an optimal and creative use of it.

All this takes place in the wonderful and relaxing background of Lake Garda, in an exclusive hotel offering a park, swimming-pools, play fields and the excellent services of a four stars hotel.

West Garda Academy works for the Company on events connected to the products technical development, presentations to customers and licensees and professionals training. The Academy offers several rooms where the products can be applied on models as it would be done in a salon.